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2 Set of Luggage Suitcase Replacement Wheels with ABEC 608zz Bearings, Packaged with our own designed bag @ Eric & Leon Logo (76 X 24 mm)


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Are you experiencing the rare event where you need to get a replacement wheel for your Samsonite luggage? It doesn’t happen very often as you know. The Samsonite brand name has always been associated with both quality and durability. However, on occasion a wheel does need to be replaced. Do you know how to find samsonite replacement wheels?

What are my options for getting samsonite replacement wheels and service for my Samsonite luggage?

You have two options when it comes to getting samsonite replacement wheels. You can either order it from the Samsonite customer service number or from a local samsonite luggage service representative.

If you decide to find a local Samsonite luggage retailer or samsonite luggage repair service make sure you choose one that is qualified and certified by Samsonite themselves. This will be the best way to know that you are getting quality Samsonite replacement wheels too!

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Travel today can be rough on your luggage and can lead to damaged wheels, and other parts. It that occurs always buy official samsonite replacement wheels. Don't get caught in some far off country with wheels that don't work. Buy samsonite wheels.

Samsonite urges customers to return the suitcase, bag, wheel, business case, or luggage to the place where the item was purchased if it requires wheels or repair. When that isn’t possible, you can also take it to a local luggage store or send it to a store near your location. Click on this link for information about the Samsonite Replacement Wheels and Parts locator. The Samsonite Replacement Wheels and Replacement Parts locator is as follows: .