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There is a serious lack of storage on a motorcycle; with the exception of a limited number of high end touring bikes, they do not come with bags, a trunk or glove compartment. Every motorcyclist needs a place to put stuff and very few bikes are equipped with bags from the dealer. Motorcyclists must look no farther than Saddlemen for the absolute best bags, trunks and saddlebags for their storage needs.

The most popular and familiar method for adding a place for gear on a motorcycle is found in the traditional saddlebag; a direct descendant of the bags developed for horseback travel centuries ago. While saddlebags remain popular and stylish, especially with cruiser bikes, recent developments offer riders many more options for storage as well as substantial saddlebag improvements. Each type of bag has advantages and dis-advantages for a rider’s consideration as they decide which best meets their particular needs.

Motorcycle Bag Types – Options for Storage
Each bag type incorporates features that should be carefully considered as a bike is outfitted for that next ride to the local store or a 50 state tour. Saddlemen offers complete motorcycle luggage solutions; selections of bags and gear that work well together or separately to meet every rider’s needs.

Deciding on the type of luggage to use is heavily influenced by the type of bike used and how the bike the bag is to be installed – on the tank, a rack, on a sissy bar or on the side like traditional saddlebags. The features and styling for cruisers, sport bikes, adventure bikes and scooters are very different.

Each should be considered before a purchase decision is made – which best fits my bike, how is it mounted, what features are important? What else should I consider? Following is a guide that will make the selection of which bag to use much easier.

Saddlemen offers luggage offering a broad range of options and styles to meet every rider’s needs and preferences. First, there are two installation or mounting concepts that should be understood; luggage can be either custom fit for your motorcycle or universal bags can be adapted to fit. A custom fit item is specifically designed for the exact measurements of your vehicle. No alterations are required. A universal fit bag or pouch is designed to be installed on most bikes, but will require adjustment or modifications to fit your motorcycle exactly. Universal bags tend to be lower cost, widely available and offer a broader range of styling and feature options, but may take increased installation effort. Specific fit bags tend to be more expensive and have less availability of styles and features but fit exactly.

Welcome to our Saddlemen motorcycle luggage department. We offer Saddlemen saddlebags, sissy bar bags, handlebar bags, trunks and tank bags. You can start shopping by choosing from the links below.

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Saddlemen Luggage Motorcycle Storage Considerations

The Saddlemen FTB luggage line features a bold, yet sporty look with an array of vital features bundled with superb construction and class-leading value pricing.

SaddleStow motorcycle luggage is designed to be at home on the widest range of machines and offers the perfect look for cruising the highway. Style is not the only concern - function is paramount in the design of each SaddleStow item. A perfect blend of rugged materials make this luggage tough, weather-resistant and long lasting. The unique combination of features set these bags apart from all others.