Personalized monogram intitial luggage tag for men | Zazzle

Claim your style by adding a classic luggage tag to your bag.

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Men's Luggage and Briefcases | Brooks Brothers

Sports Lover Luggage Tags for Men
My husband is a sports fan. He doesn’t really have a favorite, he watches it all. Well, besides St. Louis Cardinal baseball, that’s probably his favorite. He love golf too, so I would have a hard time choosing Men’s Luggage Tags for his luggage. I think I will tell him to pick out his own. That way I know he will love the gift I give him.

Skip the long lines and just grab your bag as soon as it comes on the carousel. You will be to your destination in no time at all.

Distinguished Looking Luggage Tags for Men
You aren’t playing games when you have a distinguished looking luggage tag attached to our bags. These will stand out from the crowd and people will know that you are a one of a kind sort of guy. Just give them that “get out of my way” look and grab your luggage and get out of there.

Men's Luggage & Travel | Nordstrom

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    Leather luggage tags for men

    Let your luggage stand-out from the crowd with Self-Made Bags leather luggage tags.

    Keep your luggage identified with handmade, distinctive leather luggage tags that are customized for you. Choose your Self-Made Bags leather luggage tags design with up to 10 leather color combinations.

    Ready for departure, Self-Made Bags leather luggage tags will follow you everywhere.

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    Personalized modern travel luggage tag for men. Sleek elegant typography style. Classy duo tone design with monogrammed name intitial letters. Elegant gift idea for dad, uncle, father, brother, husband etc. Manly striped design. Masculine black and gray colors. Customizable background color.

    Funny Luggage Tags for Men
    I am sorry to say, but people will read you Men’s Luggage Tags if you use the funny ones. They can’t help themselves, they have to see what they say. Give them a few minutes to read your luggage tags and then take them away. Now they might be motivated to get their own. Men’s Luggage Tags.