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On both models, the front luggage compartment holds 150 litres. At the rear of the new 718 Boxster, there is space for 125 litres – hood up or hood down. The new 718 Cayman boasts a rear luggage compartment capacity of 275 litres. Thanks to the shelf above the engine cover, there is even enough room to accommodate the longer items of your belongings.

A luggage compartment needs to be available whatever the weather. When the roof is closed, the boot offers 350 litres of capacity which is room for four crates of water each containing 12 bottles. When the roof is open, 210 litres of capacity still remain allowing you to transport everything you need.

The particularly wide load-through system and rear seats that can be folded down guarantee room for two golf bags in the boot. The comfortable load and unload function pivots the entire roof system upwards so that even bulky items can be loaded and unloaded easily thanks using the large opening.

A luggage compartment cover offers a clear separation between the loading area and the roof system and clearly defines the luggage space available when the roof is down. The hardtop can only be opened with the luggage compartment cover closed. There is plenty of space for all your luggage in the BMW 3 Series Convertible, and with the luggage set and rear carrier, available from Original BMW Accessories, all your storage needs are fully met.

BMW 3 Series Convertible : Luggage compartment

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    The trunk or luggage compartment is most often located at the rear of the vehicle. Early designs included an exterior rack mounted on the rear of the vehicle to which it was possible to attach a real . Later designs integrated the storage area into the vehicle's body and evolved to provide a streamlined appearance. The main storage compartment is normally provided at the end of the vehicle opposite to which the engine is located.