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Rimowa (a 117-year-old German luggage manufacturer) has built a stunning modern replica of the historic Junkers F13 airplane, which was built by the Germans at the end of World War I (and named for its designer Hugo Junkers) as the world’s first all-metal transport aircraft.

Harbor a fear of losing your baggage while traveling? Does the idea of being without your clothing, toiletries, and other accoutrements leave you in cold sweats? How do you feel when you are at baggage claim and three or four bags that look exactly like yours come barreling down the chute? Before you head out on your next business trip or personal vacation grab a couple of German luggage tags from our marketplace to help alleviate some of these issues. Mark your territory with these amazing German tags so that you can easily identify your bags when looking for them at the baggage claim carousel. They can also be useful if your luggage is misplaced at the airport so they can be returned to their rightful home. Even if your bag is the same color and style as every other bag in the airport your new German luggage tag will help it stand out. Browse through thousands of unique designs, images, and text to find one that speaks to your personality.

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This 805-horsepower beast rips to 60 mph in less than three seconds while providing passenger and luggage accommodations for a double-date weekend getaway. Performance is courtesy of what AMG chairman Tobias Moers terms a "ultra-modern V8" and a boost from electric motors in the fashion of Mercedes' Formula One champion race cars.

The 24-year-old, who is joint chief executive officer of the German luggage maker, welcomed guests including his father, luxury magnate , mother Hélène, brother Frédéric and half-siblings Delphine and Antoine, as well as their respective partners, Xavier Niel and Natalia Vodianova.