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Crosman P1322 American Classic Multi Pump Pneumatic .22-Caliber Pellet Air Pistol, Black


Crosman Backpacker Bugout Kit - D&L Airgun

Crossman Backpacker Pellet Gun 2289 .22 Model

I purchased it back in 2005 / 06.
It takes about 15 pumps to get it fully loaded with air for max velocity.
sing shot

Bolt action is fun but opening the bolt to load a new pellet then pumping 15 times time after time can get tiresome.

It will put a pellet through a soup can which tells me its pretty darn strong.
I have not shot anything alive with it but its got to at least hurt small furry critters.
If you shoot it at a wall or a tree the…

The Crosman Backpacker carbine is actually a pistol with a skeleton shoulder stock. Pump it up to 10 times to get the most bang for your buck! The Backpacker is compact, convenient and quite accurate. What a great time to bring back this gun (it's been gone from airgunning for several years) along with a bugout bag. There's enough room in this bug out bag to add some food (such as beef jerky) and other essentials you'll need when the time comes to grab your stuff and go.

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Crosman Backpacker 2289G photo - Ron N

i think the crosman backpacker 2289 is a great gunn, fits almost anywhereee , shoots great. but my pump handle is loose and does not stay shut mot of the time. ... any ideas? but other than that its a pretty sweet gun. i gove it a thumbs upp!…

The Crosman Backpacker 2289 is light, makes a nice carbine, powerfull. The sights are ok, standard bb/pellet gun setup. I have a 30mm 3X9 scope mounted on mine. Very accurate. I chose the pump over CO2 because the pump produces a higher fps. 600 verse 5With this pellet rifle you only need one shot for hunting small critters. I use gamo pellets. Reaches out to almost 40 yards no problem. Mine was less than $100.00 Great field gun. Trigger could be a lot better but this is a survival/backback…