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The Outdoor Gear Store specializes in high quality lightweight backpacking equipment, ultralight hiking essentials, and in general, excellent outdoor gear from time-proven manufacturers as well as promising new gear companies. With backpacking gear and hiking essentials from the Gear Store, you can "gear up & get out" with confidence !!

If you engage in backpacking, at some point, you may consider packing a lighter load. That consideration was the main reason that was created in 1996, and it continues to be its primary focus. Since then, however, the Lightweight Backpacking & Hiking website has grown to include a vast repository of resources useful for year-round backcountry safety & enjoyment. While it is true that promotes ultralight backpacking & hiking, featuring lightweight backpacking equipment, it is a also a proven resource - for all backcountry travelers - for researching and purchasing quality outdoor gear!! We welcome you, and we hope you will enjoy traversing the Lightweight Backpacking & Hiking website.

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Some hikers divide their backpack into sections associated with specific needs, i.e. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc., or by clothes, shelter, water, fire, and food. Military and law-enforcement personnel use a variety of modular and attachment systems, like , , , , , , and . Military surplus outlets are optional sources for backpacking equipment.

The trouble with conforming to any culture is the amazing variety of human nature. In the seventies people carried heavy packs who might have enjoyed high mileage hiking. Now there are thru-hikers doing high miles who might find they’d love extending their stay in wilderness. Hiking experts nowadays would encourage going as light as possible in either case. Having worn all manner of packs for all manner of hiking objectives I disagree. There are two pieces of heavier backpacking equipment I think best for most, not all, styles of hiking.