Beach/pool bag and backpack with hidden compartment

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Casual Travel Backpack 15.6" with Hidden Compartment and a 600ml Sport Bottle as Gift


Hidden Pocket for Valuables in your Backpack

Similar to the beach/pool bag, the backpack with hidden compartment has a compartment positioned at the bottom of the backpack, the compartment having a zipper-closable access. A flap is provided to cover and conceal the zipper, thereby presenting a false bottom and disguising the existence of a compartment underneath. A hidden zipper-closable access to the compartment is also provided on the exterior surface of the backpack. Means are provided to secure the backpack to a stationary object if the backpack is to be laid aside.

Referring to , the backpack with hidden compartment is generally indicated at 110. The backpack 110 comprises respective front and rear walls 112, 114, sidewalls 116, 118 and bottom wall 120 attached at their edges to form an open-top first compartment. One or more pouches 122 (only one is shown) are positioned on the exterior surfaces of the front and/or rear walls 112, 114 to house items therein. Although not illustrated, additional pouches could be provided for the exterior surfaces of the sidewalls 116, 118, if desired. Shoulder carrying straps 124 are attached to the bag 110 adjacent rear surface 114 in a suitable manner. A handle member 115 is provided to carry the backpack by hand, if desired. A zipper 125 is employed to close the open top of the bag. The zipper 125 may be secured with a lock 127. The lock 127 may take on other forms and may be applied to as many zippered openings as desired. The walls of the bag 110 may be fabricated from any suitable material (canvas, leather, nylon, vinyl, etc.). At least one of the shoulder straps 124 includes a reinforcement cable 128 hidden therein. The cable 128 is secured to the backpack 110 by means of a combination lock 129. This arrangement permits the lock 129 to be opened so that the end of the strap 124 can be detached from the backpack 110. The strap 124 may then be wrapped around a stationary object, and the end may be relocked to the backpack 110, thereby securing the backpack 110 to the stationary object to prevent easy theft of the backpack 110.

Intro: Hidden Pocket for Valuables in your Backpack

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